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Chủ Nhật, tháng 12 25, 2005

No. 0699

Appointed Anunayake of Ramanna Nikaya
Saturday, 24 December 2005

Balangoda central group correspondent, A. M. Gunasekera Banda

VEN. SASTRAPATHI Rajakeeya Panditha Balangoda Pannawansa Maha Thera, Viharadhipathi Siri Weerasundararamaya Balagahamula, Balangoda has been appointed the Anunayaka Thera of the Sri Lanka Ramanna Maha Nikaya by the Karaka Sangha Sabha headed by the Most Ven. Weweldeniye Medalankara Maha Nayaka Thera of the Sri Lanka Ramanna Maha Nikaya held at the Walukaramaya in Maradagahamula recently.

The presentation ceremony of the Akthapathra (Act of Appointment) will take place at the Vidyaloka Maha Vidyalaya in Balangoda on 29th December at 2 p.m. under the patronage of the Most Ven. Weweldeniye Medalankaru Maha Nayaka Thera with the participation of the Maha Sangha.

Speaker W. J. M. Lokubandara will participate as the guest of honour along with the Sabaragamuwa Governor Reggie Ranatunga, Wayamba Governor Dharmadasa Wanniarachchi, Diyawadana Nilame of the Sri Dalada Maligawa Nilanga Pradeep Dela Bandara and Cabinet and Provincial Ministers and MPs on the occasion.

He was born on 4th July, 1929 to a respectable family at Ellepola in Balangoda, received his early education at the Kumara Vidyalaya, Balangoda and entered the Order under the tutelage of Ven. Kalupahana Dhammobhasa Maha Thera, Viharadhipathi Siri Weerasundararamaya, Balangoda.

He received his Higher Ordination on 29.6.1951.

He received his higher education from Sri Dharmodaya Pirivena, Wellawatte and completed pirivena education in 1952.

Having passed the Pracheena Panditha (Oriental Studies) final examination and SSC (English medium) in 1956 Pannawansa Thera entered the Peradeniya University and passed the BA (Hon) degree in 1960 and obtained the MA degree from the same university in 1966.

As a teacher he had served at Sri Dharmodaya Pirivena, Wellawatte and Sri Lanka Pirivena, Maradana and was a inspector of Pirivena from 1981 till his retirement from the Government service in 1984.

The Thera was appointed the Asst. General Secretary of the Nikaya in 1986 and Acting General Secretary in 1990 and was appointed General Secretary in 1992.

Ven. Pannawansa Thera was appointed the Anunayake Thera of the Nikaya with the honorary title "Vijaya Dharma Keerthi Sri Saddhamma Vagiswara Sri Sugunapala Dhammobhasa Vansalankara Prawachana Visarada Sasanakeerthi Sri by the Karaka Sangha Sabha of the Nikaya in 2001.

He has contributed a large number of religious, historical, cultural and social articles to daily English and Sinhala papers and is the author of several books.

At present he is a committee member of the Anuradhapura Bhikku University and Pali and Buddhist University Council and was the Councillor of the President's Buddhasasana Commission 1996.

He is a popular Dhamma preacher and is participating Dhamma desana and Dhamma discussion over the radio.

The Maha Thera started the English Dhamma School at the Siri Weerasundararamaya in 1996.

He has made educational tours and pilgrimage to India, Nepal, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia and has engaged in propagating Dhamma in those countries.

He has participated in the World Peace Conference held at the UNO Headquarters in USA with Ven. Dr. Omalpe Sobhitha Thera.

Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam.